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Ian Durkin is a photographer/filmmaker out of Brooklyn, New York. And in addition to his endeavors behind the lens, Ian works on staff at Vimeo, where he helps to provide support to the growing online video community. His photos and videos recently caught our eye as they seems to portray a lifestyle similar to that which we strive for here at Korduroy, so we decided to check in with him and find out a bit more about just what he is all about.

When did you first pick up a camera? Was it love at first sight?

I got my first video camera when I was 13 and was so pumped. All I wanted to do was film everything and make radical videos with my friends. I didn’t really get into photography until after high school, but it’s been true romance ever since.

What’s your goal behind the photographs you take? Any sort of theme or aspect of life that you particularly find yourself looking for to shoot?

I suppose I just like taking photographs for the sake of being able to share the stories of the fun things I’ve done and have found interesting. As a result, I generally find myself shooting small adventures I go on with friends in a way that I’d like to remember them.

Digital or film?

I like to shoot both. Having a DSLR and being able to change between shooting video and photographs with a flick of a switch is such a blast but digital just can’t touch the colors and tones of film.

What other art mediums are you involved in?

I like drawing, writing stories and playing music but it’s all just for fun.

Is it good enough to be good at one thing in this digital age?

Definitely. If you’re amazing at one thing, that’s awesome and I’m really jealous. I personally get a kick out of trying a lot of different things, whether it’s other mediums, cameras, techniques. I really enjoy the learning process and it makes good results all the more rewarding.

For our generation, a lot of kids have found themselves far from the american dream after graduating college…stuck with a job they hate or no job at all. How have you been able to carve out a life of doing things that you love as opposed to “just a job”?

I figure that if you just keep on doing things that are in the direction of your interests, you’ll never be too far off the track. And if you are, just make an effort to get back on it. I’m no life coach but, so far, so good.

Are there certain moments that you feel really shaped you as an artist?

There’s no particular moment for me. But, my style and what I consider cool is constantly being shaped on a daily basis when looking at other people’s work.

Where do you see the future of video going?

With quality video production getting so accessible these days and the wondrous world wide web making it so easy to share your work with the masses, I feel like we are only going to see even more incredible content coming in from every which direction. The future is going to be fun to watch.

What can we expect to see from Ian Durkin in the near future?

Definitely some projects that’ll get me back to the woods and into the water.

For more of Ian’s work, check out his website www.iandurkin.com

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