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Daniel May of 2erskate.de, an indie skate blog in Germany put this video together depicting the creation of a skate bowl in an abandoned industrial park in Hannover, Germany. Daniel and his friends have transformed their community with their after work exploits. Learn more in Daniel’s behind the scenes account of making the video below.

Skateboarding in Hannover has not always been too interesting. Sure, there are some good street spots to hit, but all in all the local scene lacked a central hang out zone. When a good friend found an old industrial building surrounded by trees in close proximity to our flats, this changed immediately!

We started with almost no skills, building some small curbs by trial and error. Obstacles which seemed hardly skateable while building them ended up being the most fun to ride. Building our own little features on was an amazing experience. To transform an idea into reality is fulfilling on a such a deep level. The kinship that comes from collectively learning how to construct something, from found materials and ride it together was amazing.  You will skate the shit you build no matter how crappy it is, you know? And to discover the hidden potential of a newly built spot is one of the best things in Skateboarding I experienced so far. 

Building the bowl defenetly was a climax in our project and it was only possible with the building skills we’d cultivated through our smaller features and the rising number of stoked skaters who were enjoying our creations. The Bowl defenetly added some “surf” to Hannover. It’s the first offering of a decent transition and some corners to flow on. By now, even the Kids learn how to pump a tranny their first run, which is a great base for developing some skill on any board. Kids are also exposed to idea that you and your friends can build something to share and enjoy as a community and can learn to respect it by putting in some of their own work by pitching and maintaining it. All in all, the 2er Project released alot of positive Energy which made it grow bigger and bigger every day. Most people who discover the 2er are impressed, because one can see that this kind of work is not “perfect” and they seem to like it. It is organic in quite simple way and a different kind of approach which I think even non-skateboarders can appreciate.

For me, documenting this on film was very important. I actually managed to document it from the very beginning which turned out to be not only a nice souvenier for me and my friends, but brought us some attention and support from even the city officials. With this visual kind of transparency it has been easier for us to find communal support outside of the skating subculture for future projects.

Words by Daniel May for Korduroy

– Photos by Eike Renken

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