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Last week, this clip showed up in the Korduroy inbox. We were drooling in jealousy of the continuous flow of perfect cylinders that make up this 6 minute clip shot during last week’s East Coast swell. There might be more tubes in this one clip then there has been all winter so far in San Diego. It’s nice to know there’s hope!

Bobby Gilanyi is a East Coast filmmaker, who Cyrus met last year while surfing Hurricane Bill in Maine. He sent us over a super 8 clip that he shot during that amazing hurricane swell. This time around, we decided to find out a bit more about who Bobby is and what he is up to…

What does it take to get good waves in NJ in December?

December is a great month for surf on the East Coast. Tons of big storms and the crowds are thinned out by the cold. You just need to deal with the elements and be ready to drop everything when it all lines up.

Is there a different approach filming in the winter as opposed to summer?

Kinda. The winters here can be down right brutal. With feet of snow on the beach, wind chills in the single digits and water temps in the high 30s some days filming in the winter are more about survival. But when the waves are pumping, all that stuff seems to becomes the parts that make surfing on the East Coast that much more special.

What kind of equipment/wetsuits are guys using in the winter months on the East Coast?

Most guys are wearing 5 mill suits with hoods, 5 mill gloves, 7 mill boots in the dead of winter. The crazy thing is in the summer months it’s bare back.

How’d you get into filmmaking?

My mom bought me a video camera when I was 15 and I filmed some friends skating and surfing for fun but It wasn’t till 2002 that I realized I could make a surf film. I am a artist by trade so the transition wasn’t all that hard, but I really was inspired by two good friends Keith Noonan and Mike Gleason. Watching those guys surf made me want to put my board away and try to capture how special being a surfer on the East Coast is. I decided to film for a couple of weeks to make “Making for the Sea” which is a 14 minute short (http://vimeo.com/17960949). After that, I filmed for two years to make “Through the Looking Glass” (http://vimeo.com/17961075). It all just kinda happened.

Last year we featured a short you shot on Super 8 after Hurricane Bill. What else have you been shooting lately? What kind of equipment do you use?

I just got a Canon 7d and have been experimenting with that. I try to shoot a lot of Super 8 stuff in the water and on land with my Eumig Nautica, I just love film.

What is Love Illuminati?

In 2006 my wife and I opened Love Illuminati, a Men’s and Women’s boutique. We sell our own hand made goods along with other designers’ clothing, jewelry and art, an eclectic mix of stuff. I guess you can say it’s my dream day job. Check it here: http://blog.loveilluminati.com/

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