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You started filming at a young age. What first sparked your interest to pick up a camera? What did you shoot as a kid?

My Mom bought me a Fisher Price PXL2000 when I was 9. It was a video camera that recorded onto cassette tapes. So of course I made a ton of newscasts and ninja movies. Then, when I turned 15, I got a Sony HI-8 camera and filmed skateboarding religiously for years. I wasn’t always the guy behind the camera when it came to filming skateboarding. I was more into the creative aspect of directing silly stunts and vignettes of what kids my age were in to.

As you have progressed in your videography/editing, do you feel like have a signature style that you integrate into every project? How would you describe your approach?

I think as a creative person we are all searching and striving to create a style that is unique. I have been influenced by surfing from a young age. In my art and my film I strive to emphasize the nuances and subtleties in life that bring the viewer an enlightened perspective of all that is everyday but then again it really isn’t . I’d like to think my films have a look that people can acknowledge as mine.

A bunch of your recent videos, including your short for the Sacred Craft Film Festival, have been with the 3!Slobs. Whats your relationship to Ford, Andrew, and Kyle?

I got in touch with the slobs late last year and started shooting them for fun. All three of them are so different – from the way they surf to their personalities. It’s cool hanging out with younger kids and being inspired by what they do. That age is about the simplicity of being and doing. Right now we are working on a 3!SLOBS film. We seem to work really well together. They understand the look/feel I’m going for with the films we work on and they show a lot of respect and sensibility in achieving the final result. I want to bring out their personalities in the film in a natural and seamless manner.

You are also a self-taught artist. How did you get started with art/painting?

I’m not really sure why I started but looking at my work I feel like I started painting out of necessity as a release. I love it ’cause I can make a huge mess and then concentrate on the details. It is something you do alone, yet you never feel lonely – you build a relationship with the piece you are working on. I wish I had time to paint more.

Do you feel like you have an easier time with film because you have “formal training” from a film school? Or do you feel that technical/theory-based training cloud your creative side?

I had a fun time at film school and that fun got in my way of studying. I thought I’d go to film school and walk out a filmmaker. But I’ve come to realize I always was a filmmaker. Film school was a step in the direction I wanted my life’s path to follow. I feel most of what I’ve learned has been thru trial and error, not necessarily from a teacher or in a classroom. I’m sure I walked away with a lot of knowledge, but in the end, everything I know is from doing it, teaching myself, and watching other filmmakers I admire.

What about with painting? Does your art flow easier because you just do what come naturally?

I think both my art and film-making come natural to me. I just try and create what I like and what feels right.

What artistic mediums do you use? Anything in particular that you like to paint or focus on?

I use pretty much whatever is lying around, mostly acrylics. I don’t think there is anything in particular I focus on. I do like melancholy imagery whether it be photos, paintings, or films.

How do you feel your artist/painting side reflect in your films and visa versa?

I definitely think the two go hand in hand. I am a great proponent of subtleties, imagery that doesn’t scream at you , and things that make you think.

You are a surfer. What do you like to ride? Where’s your favorite surf spot?

The past few years I’ve been riding keel fishes. There is something about the drive off those big fins that suits my surfing. And the flow you get is so addicting. But lately I’ve been riding a 5’7″ short/stubby short board shaped by Andrew and I’m loving it. I guess my favorite spot has always been the break behind my pad wherever I am living at that time.

Any upcoming projects in the works? Or art exhibits coming up?

I do have some art exhibits this year. You can check my site for updates at www.jasherlynch.com. And I’m currently filming for the 3!SLOBS Film. Other than that I have some commercials that are looking to be really fun. I’m also writing a few short films that I am gonna start shooting soon. I really want to work on some more music videos this year as well….. so if you are in a band out there and you think our styles would flow nice….. hit me up.

Watch Jeremy’s Sacred Craft Film Festival entry featuring the 3!Slobs….

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