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If there are any surf films to be considered cult-classics, Runman’s are surely to be some of the best. His approach to filmmaking is raw, rebellious, entertaining, and gritty. Choosing to shoot with Super 8 for its feel, affordability back in the day and ability to capture surf action from great distances, he has had great influence during Volcom brand’s formative years. Shot in California and Hawaii, a crew of familiar faces from Titus Kinimaka, Bruce and Andy Irons, Christian Fletcher, and many more make appearances that you won’t forget. His uncensored and …well somethings can’t be explained, you just must experience it for yourself.

How did you first start shooting surfing?

When I was 14, my dad got me a Super 8 camera. We lived on the beach and right away I started filming surfing. My step brother, Ian Warner, was the best surfer so it was a good match.

Your series of films starred the young Irons brothers. Describe watching their surfing develop over the years. Were there any notable periods of time when their surfing skills leaped forward?

Actually I was making movies before they were born. The first time I saw Bruce surf I said he will be one of the best surfers ever. He was really little because he was a premature baby and he had perfect control of his body. At 9 years old he could have been world champ (most contests were in small surf). At around 13, he finally grew and now he’s full grown and I think his best surfing in big nutz barrels is still to come, especially since he’s home takin’ care of family.

Andy was incredible at a young age too but when he hit about 16 he went off. He wanted to be and was the best surfer in contests and every freesurf session.He was really motivated by Bruce’s talent cause Bruce was the only one who could out surf him sometimes. Andy was crazy. He would win a contest in 2 ft Brazil slop, jump on a plane for 14 hours, go straight from the airport and paddle a 1/4 mile to a freak wave, and get the deepest barrel anyone ever saw there. He just got better and better until he won 3 world titles. My plan with  ANDY was to wait until he retired and was drinking beers with his uncles and the boys in the parking lot and make a mental movie..

You narrated your films in vein of Bruce Brown, but with a much more dark and ironic flavor. Why did you choose this style?

The narration is by Drew Steele (He was lead singer of the band Surf Punks). He’s fuckin’ funny. He’s a local and knows whats up. I just played him footage and he said whatevers. No rehearsal. Nothing.

What stand out as the craziest things you’ve filmed?

That’s hard cause there’s so much: The guy shitting on the guys car and then scrapping him. Punkers and cops rioting in Hollywood. Pig killings. Miss Ass. Thousands of empty barrels. My just-born son. Lots of stuff I cant talk about…

For more on Runman’s films, check out http://www.runmanfilms.com/

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