10 09

Snowboard legend Dave Downing grew up as a surfer in Manhattan Beach, CA. With aspirations to become a pro surfer, things changed with an introduction to snowboarding.

Photo: Trevor Graves

“Dave is the silent assassin of the ‘90s and ‘2000s. He designed the all-time best selling snowboard series in history with Joe Curtes, the Burton Custom. Met his wife Shannon Dunn-Downing (who has a few X Games medals, was the first American female Olympic medalist for halfpipe, and has a number of video parts under her belt), would go on to film eleven video parts in a row with Standard Films while filming a smaller part with Mack Dawg Productions almost all those years, countless published editorial pages worldwide, co-founder of the Nixon Jib Fest along with JP Walker and Jeremy Jones, had a fourteen-year “pro career” with Burton and sustained no major injuries… Yeah, that was an important trip!” Snowboard Magazine