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Kam recently set out on a 10,000 mile roadtrip in his new (used) 2005 Sprinter Van. Equipped with boards, friends, fishing poles and a whole ton of stoke, Kam hit the road. Keeping us updated via his blog, whoiskameronbrown.tumblr.com/. He recently gave a little insight into the setup he’s hitting the road with.. Check it out:


2005 Mercedes T1N Sprinter. Probably the most ideal van possible. The pros absolutely dominate the cons when it comes to this vehicle. Diesel, tall, straight walls, cargo van, dream machine. The motor is an inline 5-cylinder diesel. I unfortunately have a boat on top of my car but if you were cruise at 65 mph the way it sits, you’d achieve about an average of 27 mpg when doing long distance. Even with the boat, my van is still getting about an average of 22mpg on this trip.

Its loaded with everything imaginable, for any weather imaginable. Its quite difficult packing the necessary items when space is limited and you’re traveling across the US where theres chances of 100 degree outside temps with 100% humidity as well as -14 degree outside temps with snow covering the grounds.

Stove, solar shower, food, cooler, dog food, human food, paper towels, bath towlels, clothes, waders, wetsuits, 20 rods and reels, 2 surfboards, 3 jackets, car jacks, tools, fly tying material and vise, umbrella, boat paddle, boat on top, outboard motor strapped to the back, gas tank, life vests, tarps, tents, stove, propane, first aid, water, camera, propane heater, boots, etc etc etc. The list goes on and on. I didn’t want to belts in the boonies and not have a particular item so packing took some serious pre cursory packing sessions to make sure everything was there.

Odometer reads 204,000 miles. Im guessing ill have put on approximately 10,000 miles when my trip is all over and done. Mandatory oil changes and check ups are on my driving agenda. My plans are to have this van forever so taking care of her is pretty important to me. Plans are to run at about 65-70 mph to achieve maximum fuel efficiency and make sure that boat stays on top of the van!

Theres a really rad forum about sprinters that helps me answer a lot of my vehicle problems as well as van hacks that make life easier. www.sprinter-source.com

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