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Our buddy Alejandra Romo Marquez is running a great weekly feature on her blog, Pics From Where You’d Rather Be, where she interviews cool people she runs into on her travels. This time around, she sent us this interview with Lex Weinstein, surfer, stylist and super smart business lady. 

lex weinstein

From where you’d rather be, Inspirational Wednesdays

Lex Weinstein

By Alejandra Romo Marquez

I’ve been following Lex Weinstein’s blog for a while now. I personally don’t know a lot of women bloggers with an ocean and surf inspiration in Spanish, so looking here and there I found her. From the first moment I got fascinated by her story, and all the amazing travels she has done.

I wanted to interviewed her so bad because she is the perfect representation of the whole concept behind my blog about following our dreams, be courageous about it, and living our lives by design rather than by default. Lex exchanged the security of a typical work in an office to fully pursue her dreams with all the pros and the cons.

lex weinstein

She was born in Virginia beach, VA and traveled pretty much all over the world, following her passion for “fashion stylist”. She actually won a contest for Reef not long ago, and now she’s doing some amazing projects for other people like Rhythm Australia, one of my favorite surf brands from some years now.

I hope we’re gonna meet in person in the future and I could take her picture in a sunny day, surfing and documenting “one day” with this great fashion styler.

All the pics used here are courtesy of Lex’s blog, much of them taken by amazing photographer Carly Brown. Here we go with the questions!

lex weinstein

Lex, how did you passed from having a perfect nice job, to big adventurer and traveler? Do you recall a moment in particular? Did you have it always clear inside of you, or you had a moment of enlightenment in the middle of something?

I always knew having a life revolved around work was not the life for me. I knew that no matter how much society engrains in us that the ultimate goal is to accumulate more stuff and find pride in a job title, my true calling was to find what made me happy and do it as much as possible. Then I figured out a way to make money doing it so I could continue to travel and inspire others to do the same. I’ve been doing it ever since.

How your family and friends reacted when you made this life changing decision? 

I’m so blessed to have a family who understands that I tend to live life outside the norm. They were very supportive of my decision and although at first they were a little worried about me, they’ve now recognized that no matter how unpredictable my life may be, I always find a way to make it work.

lex weinstein

How surf and ocean influenced you, following this path of adventure?

I’ve never lived more than more minutes from the beach so the ocean has had a massive influence on me since birth. I feel more at home in the ocean than anywhere else and my desire to travel to different coasts and surf all different types of waves has been a major catalyst for my adventures. I’m very blessed in that I have gotten to travel to some pretty exotic places in search of waves, it has introduced me to so many different cultures of which I never would have experienced.

lex weinstein

What was the easiest thing to leave? And the hardest?

The easiest thing to leave was a life where I felt I was working incredibly hard for someone else’s benefit and on someone else’s terms. The hardest thing to leave was and is my family. I miss my parents, my niece and nephews so incredibly much. But I have to show them by example how important it is to follow your dreams, and I get to travel to places like California, Hong Kong and Japan to see them so it’s not so bad 🙂

lex weinstein

After the reef contest, could you say things went easier for your stylist career?

I wouldn’t say it was easier but it gave me confidence, which is really the most important thing in attaining any goal. It was an experience that taught me so much and allowed me to see myself in that role and say “yeah, I can do this!

What are you working on now and what are your plans for the rest of the year?

You’ll just have to check out the blog to see what’s to come — but I have some really exciting brand collaborations, magazine editorials, and blog posts coming very very soon!

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