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Aaron Lieber and Zach Miller elaborate on the process of making “Where Is My Mind.” Catch the clip above and read the interview below.

The first thing that stands out in the clip is the lighting, how did you set that up?

Brooks Sterling: Fortunately for us, Ridiculous is a very unique backyard pool that has skatepark lights hanging above it. This makes filming video and shooting photos there a pleasure.

Aaron Lieber: The lighting really is amazing. My background is in surf filmmaking but I wanted to capture some skate for my RED reel. Brooks showed me a picture of this spot and I was instantly drawn to it. The contrast in color with the really bright lights makes for a really
cinematic experience.

Zach Miller’s (featured skater) dad Chris is a well known pro skater.

Tell us a little about how you collaborated with Zach on this clip.

BS: Zach Miller is a very easy to work with on projects. Not only does he shred at skating, but he is also very creative and enjoys being involved in the creative process.

AL: I met Zach through Brooks. Zach rips and also understands the film process. He runs his own site, ROAM, and produces his own clips. So it’s really easy to work with someone who is excited about the end result.

What kind of lenses and camera equipment did you use to make this?

AL: I shot with the RED EPIC and used a few different lenses including the Canon 24-105mm, Canon 40mm, and Rokinon 14mm.

What was the largest obstacle you overcame in the making of this short?

BS: Aaron, Zach, and I are very busy, working on several individual projects right now…so coordinating our schedules with Ozzie’s (he lives at Ridiculous) was the hardest part of this project.

AL: Schedule was definitely a big one. We’d talked about doing this for about a month before it all came together. Shooting at night is also difficult, the RED isn’t really built for low light/night situations so I had to shoot really shallow depth-of-field and think about what I wanted to keep in focus and why. It actually ended up being a good thing and kept everything really contrasty in light and in focus.

What are you most proud of about it?

BS: I’m stoked on how the edit came out and to be able to work with such talented individuals like Aaron and Zach.

AL: The edit came out exactly how I envisioned it. Super stoked on that and to work with awesome people.

What’s next?

AL: Right now I am working on two bigger films, one with skier Sierra Quitiquit, and another with surfer Bethany Hamilton.

BS: More fun, more photography, and more collaborations with creatives and athletes.

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