25 09
This clip was released in 2016 and features some of the most graceful long boarding we’ve seen. Here’s a reflection from the filmmaker Evan Adamson about making the clip.

Days before NYE 2016, Tommy Witt drove to Texas in hopes of scoring a promising winter groundswell, after seeing the Korduroy Texas surf edit, “One Day in Port A.” 

Unfortunately, he hit the blizzard of the decade along the way and missed our window of opportunity, catching nothing but severely blown-out leftovers. Luckily, we were able to get him behind the boat and score some never ending nose ride peelers, as seen in the beginning of the Korduroy flick “Texas Waters.”

Coincidentally, right when Tommy was about to drive back to California, Corey Colapinto hit me up about some swell that was coming his way, so I hitched a ride out west, and crashed on Corey’s couch for about a week. I had been on a trip with Corey and some friends to Scorpion Bay almost 2 years before this, but was really stoked to work on something solo with him this time around. The guy can ride any board you out under his feet, and is an absolute stand up dude. 

The swell came right after 3 days of super heavy rains, and hit the morning David Bowie died. Mr. Stardust has always been a huge influence of mine, and I listened to about 90% Bowie songs while filming this project. The days of downpour seemed to keep the surf population at home, especially since the state temporarily closed down motor vehicle access to San Onofre due to flooding. 

Corey and I biked into a beautiful sunrise with a completely empty parking lot/lineup. Not a soul in sight, except for the cheery hummingbirds seen in the edit, and the waves were offshore and perfect. This remains one of the most magical San O days I’ve ever had, and the majority of Finstinct was shot on this day. Corey has since become a great friend and a talented filmmaker himself. He’s another surfer who is on my frequent filming roster, stay tuned for more collaborations.