25 09
This well-crafted, Korduroy original short film was “Staff Picked” by Vimeo which resulted in a bit of attention. Here’s the story about the making of the clip from the filmmaker Evan Adamson.

In 2014 was six years into my landlocked living in Austin, Texas. I’d been wanting to film with Tommy Witt since being impressed by his logging wizardry during my early visits to San Onofre, California. I booked the cheapest flights I could find, and crossed my fingers that there would be waves. Fortunately there were two days of really fun surf, and when filming a guy like Tommy, you really only need two good sessions to make a solid edit. He lived up to his reputation and put on a clinic, as seen in the video. 

Lucid Surf Dreams is an acronym for LSD and is a comment on Tommy’s surfing ability being so mind blowing. It’s as if he’s in his own lucid dream, able to control his environment around him ( I also discovered the song while micro-dosing LSD, and edited the bulk majority of the video while during the same regiment).

This was the beginning of my friendship with Tommy. We have since done several trips together, and he is now my most filmed surfer, as well as my neighbor. I’m really stoked to unveil some more of the stuff we’ve been shooting soon!